COViD Policy

Uptown‘s Mask Requirement Update:

Since the beginning of this pandemic, I (Leilani, Uptown‘s owner), made the decision to prioritize the health and safety of our dance community by enforcing all state mandates, and OHA rules/recommendations in regards to COVID. I will be continuing to follow suit with these recommendations and requirements and thus as of March 12th, 2022 masks will no longer be required at Uptown Dance Studio. However, all of the instructors here at Uptown are independent, so they all have the option to continue to require masks for their classes if they desire. Please check with the instructors you take classes from directly to confirm if they will be continuing to require mask wearing in their classes.

While masks will no longer be required after that date, I feel it is important to note and masks will of course still be allowed and no harassment or bullying of any kind will be tolerated on either side of that personal decision. Everyone is going through their own journey with this and that means we all might have different circumstances or timelines of when we are comfortable removing our masks in public. This applies to not only students, but also teachers, renters and other staff members. Please watch out for each other and if you witness or are subjected to unacceptable or harassing behavior, please let me know immediately.

Vaccination Rules:
It is each independent instructor’s decision whether they would like to require vaccinations for their classes. Please check each class description for any notes on this requirement for their classes.

A Personal Note:
From the bottom of my heart, everyday I am honored to see you all experiencing the joy of dancing here at Uptown. Thank you for choosing Uptown as a place you go to have fun, break free from stress and express yourself. Thank you for sticking with us through these tremendously hard two years. Thank you for choosing to find the positive in when and how we could still share this beautiful art form.

As we begin to transition to a new chapter, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have.  And please remember to be kind, take care of one another and dance your heart out!!!

Leilani Nakagawa, Owner
Uptown Dance Studio
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