Gift Certificates

Giving the gift of dance is always an excellent idea!

We create personalized gift certificates, detailing everything you choose for their package.
Here are a few ideas for great dance gift packages:

“Getting Your Feet Wet” – $55
~ 1 introduction private lesson (30 minutes in length)

“Time To Dive In” – $131
~ 1 private dance lesson
~ 2 month long newcomer group class series

“Dance Like No One Is Watching” – $192
~ 2 private dance lessons
~ 2 entries to our social dances
~ 1 month long newcomer group class series

“Create Your Own” – Tell us about the giftee and we can help you create the perfect package for them!

Ready to surprise someone special with dance lessons? We are here to help. Contact us at or 503-740-3838 to arrange it.