FAQ’s for group class:

1. Do I need to bring a partner to come to group class?

Nope! We rotate in our classes so we all get a chance to dance with each other. You will make new friends at the same time as learning to dance :)

2. What do I wear to a group dance class?

Wear every day clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. For shoes, we recommend leather soled dress shoes for men and flats that stay on your feet for ladies. You will want to avoid athletic shoes as they tend to stick to the floor, which is not ideal for turning.

3. Do I have to start a group class at the beginning of the month?

Ideally yes. Our classes are progressive, meaning we add more material each week as we move through the month. So you will get the most out of a class if you come from start to finish. We do allow drop-ins as well, which may work well for those who already have experience in a certain dance style and want to drop-in sharpen their skills.

4. What type of payment do you accept?

Payment types differ, so please check directly with your instructor.

FAQ’s for private lessons:

1. Do I need to bring a partner to my private lesson?

Usually it is optional. All of our instructors are trained on how to lead and follow in each of their specialties, so they can always dance the necessary part to demonstrate. However, if you are working on a specific technique or if you are wanting feedback on your styling or how you look during a movement, sometimes it is better for the instructor to be able to watch you dance with someone else so they can have a full visual of your movement. When setting up your private lesson, let your instructor know what you would like to work on and they can guide you on what set up would be best to accomplish your goals.